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Aspiring Broadcasting student at @VanArtsRadioTV, Misplaced Albertan, Master of Arm Chair Cynicism

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Niiiiiice Rolls!!!

This one of and I didn't post Friday. He was a nice guy! Plays hockey with my cousin Gary.

If this is what I was in, instead of on the bus, I'd get a ticket for tweeting...damnit!

My favorite joy of Saturday...Real Time with

So nice to be the last one at some days! Hoorah for Ninja Tune!!

Looks like a commercial vehicle check

Police Road Check at Willingdon and Lougheed in Burnaby!! The 5-0 is hiding behind SkyTrain pilar!!

More Hall's motivational notes! Love it!!

What happens when you move your ass for 3 seconds with Hudson around

My Halls is rooting for me!!

Coca-Cola's new "Hybrid Electric Truck" on Dunsmir and Seymour in Vancouver!

Daddy, why are you watching and not me?

Scan this if you're a BlackBerry using former Columbia Academy grad! Its a new BBM Group

Look who dropped by!

Fuck me! There's seriously 800 fucking calories in a 2L bottle of Coke!? Jesus Murphy!

Don't envy this guys life. He's hanging precariously.

The end result of a Mini having sex with a Hummer

Finally found a home for my cool blue light bulb lamp

What a goofball!

Holy crap! They still make this shit?!