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check your website:

Looks like Penny '"><script>alert("Wyatt")</script> has been up to her usual tricks:

Nice website, shame about the title

“Give me the right not to be tracked” interview article - tracked by 7 separate companies http://www.mycustomer.com/topic/customer-experience/ray-wang-we-re-rebuilding-matrix-we-speak/143143

thank you...

Tiny reminder to keep me sane #atlassian #sdk

Looks like BT Wholesale have killed my #broadband connection

Something about maven-confluence-plugin stinks...

Feel free to share more info on the new design language :) Here's an area ripe for update...

Why didn't they use these keyboard shortcuts?

One thing I really like about #stash is these tabs. Simple & slick. update the AUI styles elsewhere please.

Congratulations to and/or for their awesome work on password security...

3-way diff is handy, but I'd really like an n-way diff :-)

Don't you just love Windows

What & does to your website stats...

Today's winner for 3rd party cruft goes to http://www.fastcodesign.com/1669525/announcing-the-top-25-in-our-porsche-next-design-challenge-part-2 /w a massive 15 bits of cruft

So far, wins today's prize for the most additional cruft in a website (as spotted by )

Chrome doesn't like you blocking Google Analytics. Safari & Firefox don't mind.

Forgot how great Ghostery is at identifying and blocking 3rd party trackers. http://www.ghostery.com/ An example: