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I hate Wednesday. Loaded for all classes

Happy I can go home. Studying done. Productive day ✌️

Sick of my setup. Time to change it all.

I fired out Ahune. I'm the new Frost Lawd #warcraft #xmog

My monk #xmog spent only 100g on everything.

A lot of people went to Blizzcon without stopping by at Porto's. Ya'll weak sauce. Go next time :) #Portos #LA

Can't leave LA without visiting the Earl of Sammich. #TwoKidsOnATrip

Woke up to his twitching. He runs in his sleep wiggling the paws with it. My own broken alarm clock.

Temp setup. Ugh these damn server hop are annoying. #warcraftprobs

My bro teaching my dad firing stances with an airsoft rifle. Yep, were a military family indeed. Oorah.

This is an ikea full sized bed. Doggy decides to take 3/4 of the bed. Asshole. Couch again for me.

He was having the nap of his life. Sadly it was on my bed. So I kicked him out. Dog days.

My pho fix. After a long BG grind, this is needed.

Makeup table? You mean my all in one kitchen counter top garbage and buffet table in my room? Yeah. #slob

No sleep. #moto2

creepin' for my breakfast bagel, that's where he's at.


It's getting there #notreally

give these a try if you haven't. ✌

Awmigawsh green tea flavor.