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Well, this one doesn't work!

close up on the screwdriver heads:

do I need the toolset? I have this Belkin one.

How weird. I still see it too.

not sure if this is supposed to happen, or it's the crappy wifi I'm on in Mexico, but…

Happy little Mexican cow graffiti. This should be Floodwood's mascot.

it's just called 360. Icon looks like this one.

sitting here telling & how insulted I am you won't follow me. Harrumph.

of course. I just bought this, which is a favorite to drink straight.

This is wrong & shouldn't be here.

What the fuck Apple? Why am I getting this when I try & connect to wifi in my damn apt.? : help?

Different era.

THESE are Grandpa glasses.

neither. I am here.


we are sitting here. The scoreboard in cf is under that big yellow light.

it's screwed in to the deck. Who decided this was ok?!

Found! The magical mystery outlet! Related: my service went from 1 to 3 bars when I moved to the floor. #juryduty

Not making that 2 minute one. Fuck. /cc:

No Bruce, but I do have Bon Jovi. That's enough New Jersey, right ?