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I guess I never tried before, but that follow bar of yours makes iPad reading of your site difficult.

No, shitty Comcast. I did not do this. I fucking hate you.

plate of goodies. Not shown; all the dipping sauces.

meat tray.

They do. You can do all spicy, all 'regular' or split, like this.

mine now. Awesome.

and, when in doubt, I could just click to view the conversation. Like this.

Not. Missing. Anything.

Wow. According to myspace there's a whole album I've never known existed. This…isn't correct.

it's not big. A yard-ish tall.

This was our holiday bush. We want to replace it but don't know what it is. Do you know?

Pie in a bag. Spotted at Jewel on Southport.

can't find mine online b/c they're a few years old, but I LOVE these. So comfy.

One of the best question/answers ever.

cookiepuss might be here, actually. I'll ride with you. Happily.

The encore from at the Ryman. Coffee Brain. AKA: my life. Always. #keepsmegoingicantstop

Whoa . What the hell?!?!

brix wasn't. Neither was jeggings. FASHION GIRLS TAKE NOTE. Not a word, do not wear.

So, I'm guessing the HD wasn't the only issue. Fuck. /cc:

This too. I wonder if that was removed when they nixed other stuff.