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Now Facebook is spamming my notifications window? Such fucking garbage.

you don't get this?

So we all agree that the use of "convenience" here is bullshit, yes? #loveventra

The new Limelight. /cc:

Sometimes I'm so Long Island it hurts. Related: 81% after barely being used this morning? Cool, ios7. Great.

Ventra is advertising in my echofon. So that's a thing.

No. I don't think this is true.

LOOK WHAT IS ON MY KINDLE!!! Hooray ! Happy book birthday! #LouderThanLove

you're making it hard to love you when we see this regularly. /cc:

This is going great…

is this week's about sandwiches?

Watching cook for us. I think I spot sitting in front of me. #notstalkingatall

Oh cruel Candy Crush fate. This is just rude when I've got an entire train ride.

…and this is not medium rare. So very unhappy with every thing we got.

Awesome, . This blinks & moves & won't go away. That's not annoying at all. /cc:

The TARDIS has a wifi network.


A) 2,387?! B) Oh Fuck.

I'm so hungry. Everything looks good.