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I am a Pod People :O

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I breaks my favorite mug and cuts my favorite finger...and still gots no teA :\

awww my brother lost his first tooth on Christmas night :)

Really!? Any velocity once imparted..
This couldve said so much simpler!
In other words, "WHY MAKE SENTENCE HARD!?" D'=

Half of all marriges end in divorce. The other half...murder :\

Lol I was a total 10 =P

Lol mah Bad :\

Can someone explain this quote to me?

I've aquired in my possession the greastest gift ever bestowed upon mankind...THE GREATEST BOOK IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't know how to describe it, don't know how it's just Grapefruit!?:\

Circles in my lawn....Sweeet! Lol or meh depending on if ur a dick

My lawn got a haircut today and it's feeling mighty dandy

Next on my Summer reading list, i can feel the firey passion already