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you could always handle it like you do with scrabble?

Apparently was not ready too lose again, I played prix 90 points and then this happened..

a little in cab entertainment. #HiSweetie

he wrote that article.. Sometimes he uses an alias

Just played the word douche in scrabble.. against my mom.. #ihadnooptions

I shot with earlier this year, she was great

"the archive" .. Want the original dats? Haha

This dude sitting next to me on the bus will not stop farting.. #yourekillingme #filthyanimal

is about to get blocked

My phone knows me too well.. Asked it how to get to a restaurant & it did this (cc )

Livstagram 12.21.11 #grungemonkey

If I ever do it again I'm doing this..

Good Morning #kidfedanddresseddogwalkedandfedofftoschool


Dear .. This doesn't seem like an excessive amount of data for 2 months.. Are you just sending these to everyone?

Work holiday party.. #immaeatallthesebrownies