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Remembering how much I love adobe lightroom #photoshoot

lovely day in the mountains

Found an old school book... last date on this book, 1915. It was Ms. Pearl M. Reismenger's (?)

'76 MG for a road trip next summer? #ImLikingTheIdea #whatcouldgowrong

fitting into all my "skinny shirts"

This is what happens when I have work to do... #WhyDoYouFollowMe #130amFun

seriously, killing me


big pimpin'

uh... wrong way dear

how my half lives


I don't always get easily distracted but when I do, its because I found the worlds greatest font

Whats that magnum bottle of champagne? You say "drink me?" Why yes, I will. PARTAY

This is what happens when you put two bored single 21 year olds in an apartment...

True story, sometimes I hate philadelphia

In other news, this thing is creepy as fuck

more desert, and four pies.

This is our cookie desert plate, after we finished dinner and desert..

"Oh let me just get a picture of this slide with my ipad..."

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