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Whaddaya say we publicly shame establishments that put Xmas decorations up too early?

This showed up, tacked to a bulletin board, in the break room. How apropos!

Election tradition: catering by . Tonight: chicken fried chicken #houvote http://twitpic.com/baybpx

Election tradition: catering by . Tonight: chicken fried chicken #houvote

It's a beautiful day in the Houstonhood.

you should have come to the Geek Gathering last night. unboxed one.

IPhone 5 in clear Rocketfish case, with LED Flashlight app turned on, atop a cyan Surface Touch Cover.

Unboxing an iPad mini at the Geek Gathering.

Firetruck at the . Smoke on the 5th floor, we are told.

Win and Mac on TechBytes!

Got my Surface review unit. VERY COOL. Fast, sleek, smart. Review in a day or two.

My #zombiesurvivaldash makeup.

They got this, and AT&T LTE, in Muskogee OK. You get the benefit.

. has an itty bitty PC.

Steak Diane in progress.

Is it too early in our collective Texan grief for a Burning Big Tex meme?

Binders full of ....

Great weather for the #bayoucityartfestival

Here's emceeing the #bayoucityartfestival awards ceremony.

A line for free bagels at .