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Once wrote a PowerShell Cmdlet named Get-UpUhGetOnUpGetUpUhGetOnUpStayOnTheSceneGetOnUpLikeASexMachineGetOnUp

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So asked "where's the vacuum?" And I replied...

Really, I don't understand this longitudinal toast thing

Staying totally relevant, up to date and in touch with reality: conscription #lolwut

Actual results: 10% no, 11% yes, 79% what does volatile mean? Is that something to do with stopping boats?

"if we ban crack, won't addicts just have more to spend on pot, mountain dew and skittles???"

Fails to note that description also matches the government of 1930s Germany

Sue Kidd from the Gold Coast can't grasp how pre-commitment will not affect her or her tracksuit & staffie

"blamed jet lag ON his slip up". Causality explained by a Tele reader, ladies & gentlemen

Marg from Castle Hill, who has appeared before, tries out a circus metaphor this time. 2/10 try harder.

I'll lock in 'C', "ignore the whole fucking thing" thanks Brian.

Dan: rangism is kewl. Col: OCD. Barry: can't afford a car but won't let go

txtspk txtspk txtspk WHOM txtspk O_o

Qantas should defer strike action because it makes people cranky. I weep for the human race.

"Malaysia doesn't work therefore no carbon tax"?

GERROFF MY LAWN (Tim has two letters published today)

There *are* no small insurers. Read your small print.

Rough place, Kingswood? Attn:

Illiterates. Everywhere.

So what, Jenny?