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Trees may have sexual healing, but we shall not be having sexual googling, apparently.

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People who are sexually attracted to WHAT, Google?

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Whelp on head gnom-nom-nome. WHELP ON HEAD.

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skeptical narci forgot she promised glasses pictures.

stuck in car in scary rain. eeek.

why does every route home have simltaneus construction?

Wow, thanks twitter, this ALSO made my afternoon. #FlatteryWillGetYouEverywhere

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The unfortunate return of MichaelJackson!Cynwise and Thoglos. We <3 you, Cyn! Twitter has your back :)

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Thanks, twitter, this made my afternoon. LOL.

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I have a weakness for my shiny golden paladin and her shiny... overbudget... pickaxe...

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More spreadsheet jokes for

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#EpicFail, spell check. This should read "Originally!"

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Here's my crack at 's project for 5 button spec UIs for caster druids for disabled gamers.

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Miss and have their work cut out for them this Children's Week. #CheerleadingImpsWHY?

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Wondering if anyone will notice if I leave this in our database re. Hubbard Enterprises.

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In other news, Freezy is looking totally badass these days. Wrathbaby says, "I've kind of missed Northrend".

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Really, Captcha? No robots or gentiles allowed!

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I see what sees, and this when I try to log in. Error 1016 (no beta active.)

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kitty is all sorts of intrigued by scarves and shinies

This is your night elf on Draenor. Any questions?

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