Jason Duerr


Post-hardcore rock’n’roller, graphic designer, web guy, amateur chef, coffee nerd, runner, radio guy, drummer, skateboard commuter, motobiker, reluctant adult.

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I totally thought you were kidding about your wardrobe. I wish I could carry that look.

Another prototweet to my grandmother at age 4. I’m pretty sure I would punch 4-year-old me. Bossy and pretty sexist.

My grandma kept proof that I was already annoying in short message format at age 4. I mailed these incessantly.

and so it begins…

Vintage power tool acquisition. Shiny! Sweet name plate. Built like a tank in the U. S. of A. #murica

What's happening ? Tracking varies a bit on long runs, but you say I climbed 20,000+ in the #pdxmarathon?!

So...here's my whole morning. #pdxmarathon

This outstanding GB500 TT was parked in front of the office today. #motorcycleporn

The words of resonate with Portland taggers.

sometimes the hiccups in the artist stations are too good. This just played between Orange 9mm and Helmet.

How do you people resist marketing like this?! #garagesale

Looking through old stuff. Found a semicolon. #ha #bierut

Practice room 205...I will not miss your 6 keys, aroma, or deathtrap of a freight elevator. But I *will* miss you.

Thermy knows. Don't ask twice. Thermy will cut you without hesitation.


Okay...seriously? #tooeasy

mother….. #googlereader

This will never stop being hilarious. #beaverjokes

Nashville’s changed since I was there. Can you at least rent light cycles?

Using the word “Cocktails” as font sample text can make things get suggestive in a hurry.