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Giant Puma hat , in your favorite color!

From Sam 's column today...

From Sam 's column today...

Oh yeah, that's 's iPhone screen after she dropped it last night.

Matt carved the bird!

Matt learning all about carving knives from Pop.

Blowing the roof off the joint! #springsteenkc

"Going to Kansas City" #springsteenkc

Tramps like us, baby we were born to run! #springsteenkc

Seats aren't too shabby :-) #springsteenkc

Bruuuuce! Huge lines to get into .

Kinda sums up being a parent.

Dad sent me a blast from the past! 1978 to b specific, from the Gardner News. Lots of familiar faces!

I didn't get a sticker for advance voting, so this will have to suffice!

It bugs me to see KC represented as a cowtown, esp to outsiders. Doesn't help our image at all.

I know there's a cold front moving into KC tomorrow, but is this necessary?

Matt is a captain today.

How does a business not proofread a sign before using it? Is the printing co just as at fault?

There he goes! #spacejump