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Be careful with that green screen y'all. Might want to pick a different hairstyle...

The ESPN spidercam is my preferred way to watch... But not my only.

Running the numbers into the night with Vince Guaraldi keeping me company.

I'm starting to believe this guy is responsible for at least some of our national debt:

Watching football the only way I know how! #wareagle #seccg

Pretty sure that isn't the lowest price for candy:

May not be the best seats, but we made the Braves game!

. sorry to hear about the Tennessee couch.

Grace and I went bowling last night and were the only 2 in there. (116)

Anyone want to come over and watch the AUB game on my 7.9" iPad above the sink?

Of course not, I live in Oregon.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of McGuire's 62*, which means today is birthday!

My wife suddenly enjoys playing video games... Crash Bandicoot... PS1... Ooga booga...

I moved a coworkers computer to my desk for extra tasks, and it's been the best week ever. I live a nerdy life.

These could be contributors to my allergies:

Kevin Windham stopped by and I got a replica supercross jersey. Now to learn what a supercross is?

Grace's birthday trip and I'm 0-2 on restaurants she enjoys. I'm the Best-Fed Worst-Husband of the year!

This invention was pretty much made for my wife. Wouldn't doubt if it were called "the grace":

you might appreciate what I got in the mail (on vinyl):