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Dread Cartoonist; Ex-Professor; Ghost Detective

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You guys wanna see the cover of my book?

I've never given two craps about Batman but I'll do extensive redesigns of that junk. Why haven't I done Dino-Riders?

The Tomorrow Girl: it’s getting there

Just found out what Tumblr crushes are and it explains so much



Wait, a trial... Asian lady?

Speaking of which, oh hey what’s this I’m painting

What superheroes wear definitely can’t be spandex. Spandex doesn’t infiltrate every crevice of the body

An example of what I’m talking about. Adding random piping on a costume that is apparently body paint makes no sense

I just got the prototypes for the deluxe and regular editions of the Dresden Codak book! YOU GUYS, my comics are big!


Thinking about making Dresden Codak a daily strip, this is what it would look like guys, what do you think?

Dresden Codak hourly comic, 8pm

Dresden Comic hourly codak, 7pm (the future)

Dresden Codak hourly comic, 6pm

Dresden Codak hourly comic, 5pm

Dresden Codak hourly comic, 4pm

Dresden Codak hourly comic, 3pm

Dresden Codak hourly comic, 2pm