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“It’s been done before.” “I could’ve done that if I wanted to.” “Just quit now.” - remember who’s really saying this:

Hey Lindsay, you left your sketch at my table today! You can come by tomorrow to pick it up.

First coffee in over a month! Will it kill me? (Yes)

One day I will only dress in Picard's cool jacket outfit and then you'll all see what's what

New haircut. I hope people at TCAF still recognize me without my trademark braided mullet.

Seems at the Met Ball Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart have transformed into X-Men villains http://bit.ly/15oeFdR

Monday selfie


If you didn’t know, Yutyrannus is a very large Tyrannosaur they found with shaggy protofeathers last year!

Here is your 100% official badge for good comics.

So this showed up in the mail today... Who's watching it with me?

So this showed up in the mail today... Who's watching it with me?

Assholes harassing people online don't deserve a name as cool as "cyber-bully," that term should refer to this

That is too many bathrooms, Craigslist.

We know about the feathers, but the silliest/greatest thing about JP dinos is how they don’t have binocular vision

“Three bedrooms, patches of carpet in den. Wonderful location for your Last Known Photograph!”

I love when apartment/house hunting when you come across the inevitable Craiglist ad for a Murder House.

Fuck’em. They’re sad bored people who have no relevance in your life!

Today’s warmup sketches, LADIES EDITION