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Dread Cartoonist; Ex-Professor; Ghost Detective

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I’ve added a bunch of titles and art to the older strips so that they can actually break up evenly into pages. Oh boy!

Also lookit the books we got!

Dresden Codak Messenger Bags are coming! (dog not included)

Melchior’s head is my favorite head to draw.

I drew my first Adventure Time sketch ever.

I have exactly one poster left!

New t-shirt idea.

Oh my, who are these guys?

Side-by side comparison. It’s a step in the right direction for someone who really shouldn’t be “busty pinup lady.”

Aw jeez, now I gotta paint this panel:

Preview of Dark Science #17- revisiting a scene from HOB

Readers of Hob may find this scene familiar...

Also expect more posters from the Department of Awareness in the future! http://bit.ly/AlDqxK

Special Agent Dale Cooper is a very relaxed dog. His interests are Tibet, mysteries and sleeping.

I now own a dog. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Special Agent Dale Cooper

Dark Science preview - Kim’s eyebrows will get thicker until eventually they fill the entire page:

Shaved my big beard and left the mustache. DO I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES???