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Drawing some Dark Science and forcing myself to loosen up my pencils. It’s so, so painful.

Warmup drawing: a Korra-era airbender. 1920s-ish?

I may have drawn myself as a 1920s airbender...

Watched the latest Korra, and it just keeps getting better. My warmup drawings were Avatars

Happy Father's Day

Getting faster at painting. Almost done with this guy

Nothing wrong with sexy characters or cheesecake. What's bad is the double-standard. Batman never looks like this:

Q: How tall is Kim? It’s hard to tell. A: Pretty short, shorter than most of the other characters.

But the results are so much better!

It is the year Five Hundred Billion. Crime is declared legal. The President of Space has turned people into dogs

Sneak peek of a Dark Science thing I’m doing!

Fanart Friday! I painted ’s Ramona Flowers

My X-Men reboot is coming to Tumblr soon! Sneak peek: scary Jean Grey:

What a Gay Superhero Looks Like: (via )

This will go up on Tumblr tomorrow but I’ll give you guys a preview: Turin Turambar, my fave Tolkien character

Did a quick sketch of my X-Men reboot ladies: Rogue, Storm, Jean and Kitty Pryde at the bottom.

What kid can’t look cool in a morphsuit?

Seriously, HBO & the Tolkien estate. I will make an animated Silmarillion for you. Here is Turin Turambar

And of COURSE Beast would dress like this, why would he ever wear spandex?

Some of the pages I’m currently working on