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Vonnie is nothing but a series of manic triangles.

However this may become my new favorite panel. Not as difficult but probably just as annoying.

This is still my favorite panel from Dark Science, because I am only happy when I make paintings unbelievably hard.

Considering compiling all the internet comments where people think this symbol means Buddhists are secret Nazis.

http://kck.st/PDcfyV NEW INCENTIVE: If our Kickstarter makes it to $50k today I will do this dance for you

Can't escape the Garfs

Portland can see you,

Having some long jing tea at a Chinese garden. No big.

Despite its almost immediate failure, the Defenders of Dynatron City is probably the best designed superhero team ever

One of my favorite faces that I’ve drawn.

Preview of Dark Science #19. it’ll be up in a couple days!

In other news, my only problem with the Gay Pride Oreo is that you can’t buy them! We have a right to colorful diabetes

Tiny Dark Science preview: Balthazar is in trouble!

Warmup sketch: the cast of Dark Science as benders #shutup #justshutup

Really wishing Painter was viable for me, I’m looking at these colors again and loving them. Corel, why you so laggy?

Watching Dr. Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine in order to build up some new nightmare fuel.

Warmup drawing: Asami Sato from Legend of Korra. KEEP HATING

Warmup drawing: Asami Sota from Legend of Korra. KEEP HATING

Warmup drawing: Asami Sota from Legend of Korra. KEEP HATIN’

I kinda wish I could draw all the Dark Science characters like this in every panel.