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Kim’s new haircut!

Goodness gracious who is this lady? #DarkScience

Marmup drawing: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum

Dark Science #20 will be up later today. Here’s a tiny preview

Dark Science preview: Kim’s computer

I like drawing Vonnie when she is all business

Oh jeez what did I draw

And because YOU asked for it, here’s Vonnie and Balthazar dressed as Kim. You weirdos.

Okay FINE here is Vonnie dressed as Kim, but you ain’t seein’ this in the comic

Vonnie’s dresses do not fit Kim very well...

So bizarre to see this ad on your site I actually like the idea that it’s some other guy. “Bill Romney”

Sorry the comic’s been delayed because of dumb computers. Here is a sad Kim

Kim’s looking tough here. I like making her prostheses a little menacing

Also here is my Spider-Man reboot

Kim is feeling tough (minor spoilers)

If you’re wondering about what’s in my B9 Kingdom book, it includes a lot of “stories in one image” like this

Concept sketches: Kim attempting to wear one of Vonnie’s dresses

Kim’s laptop

I know I’m against these but I’m compelled to share: Community Cast as the Avengersl (via )