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Do not steal.

Developing a new original character.

Blurry photographic evidence of my SPX table W30

I'll be at SPX in two weeks, guys, and you'll NEVER guess what I'm bringing...


I just want to see one Sportacus. It's not hard, people.

Good haul today.

With Vader reassembled, I have officially moved into my new place.

Plummeting planetoids, that's a lot of bookplates to sign!

Hmmmm what's this???

New apartment, new workstation. We are back in business!

Vintage tweets. I wish I could make more 2012 apocalypse predictions.

HEY, guess what’s going to be a real physical thing soon? I’ll give you a hint:

Caspar is probably my favorite to draw

Vonnie socializes.

Actually, who wants to move the coffee table this Saturday and play BattleMasters after cartoons are over?

Every time I'm reminded that I share an online store with John I freak out again. http://bit.ly/9I9HcM

I won’t care about Google Glass or anything like it until they start working like DBZ scouters

The waiting time for a Tesla is nearly a year right now, so I’m going with the Chevy Volt (with some mods)