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Painting done!! #harleydavidson Ultra Classic ready for #bikeweek2012 in #daytona

Bags are done. #baggers #harleydavidson #bikeweek2012 #daytona

Oh weddings. *sniffle*. Lol

Heading Gville for a barn wedding. Not sure if there will be alcohol, so dad and I made sure we brought beers.

It's power hour. And it's over. :( but still goin strong!

Free food!! at Key Buick enjoying some Driftwood BBQ ribs!

Same 'ole shit. West side to south side. #traffic #i10

Just ordered my new spandex, #cycling jersey & shorts, to match my ride. Haha hope it's not too tight #pinarello

Chillin poolside in Eagle Harbor. Glad to hear the jags won! We needed it!

River city boat/kayak ramp.

In the river.

Damn K&Y is no joke!! Best #gyro in jax! #food #jville for only $6!!

Full from hibachi grill. Now let's see if I can study

and this whole time I thought it was Gundam style! Crazy Japanese!

Went looking for a colored #pencil, found these, but all the #erasers are worn down and haven't been sharpened!

Got my lunch money! #asce #fes #civilengineering luncheon at Latitude 30 today.

Oh the library. I'm just ready to eat some dinner! Food anyone?

Ugh work is killin me! Maybe this mid-day yogurt will help.

Uncle opening gifts on his bday. Jax acting cwazziieee.