Retired people doc, pet shelter director, 15yr veteran PonyExpress rider, carried Olympic Torch - 1996. Read abt my Radar, best cat ever.

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This is Tammy, now 12. Still eating and doing well. She's at the vet already for tests tomorrow.

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Leo and Sable today. He was born Aug. 9. I'll let you do the math! LOL

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Here's Leo at 7 weeks old!

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Here's Leo from a few days ago, almost 4 weeks old. He's a real explorer now.

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So sad, lost the runt this a.m. She was in her cage on old towels, then moved the other 2 into linen closet.

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Took 4 hrs per kitten! Sat up w/ her all nite, cleaning nest (diarrhea), all OK now. She moved into bare pet taxi!

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New mama kitty, a kitten herself! Suddenly showed up in my yard 2 days ago, hungry. Drive by dump-off. Tiny girl!

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RT - Urgent: Toby needs either foster or new home ASAP. NE, CO, WY, IA if poss. Shiba Inu/Beagle/Boston mix, about 25 pounds, 9 yo. Very sweet, loves to cuddle on the couch w/ you. Neutered, vax, etc. Very active, does not like cats or other dogs his size. OK with older kids, larger dogs. Ask me 4 contact info.

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Latest book finally done! The description at Amazon says it best:

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Bootsie, 12, getting used to her new home here. Such a sweetie!

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Georgia relaxing between her crazy games!

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Tumbleweed from an earlier wind storm.

Tumbleweed from an earlier wind storm.

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Mr. Fuzz and Mystery examine a tumbleweed from yesterday's dust/wind storm.

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Mikey is my Maine Coon who has trouble grooming all over. Got him shaved a little 4 summer. Weighs 23 lb!

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Old photo, me carrying #OlympicTorch in 1996! Fond memories. Best wishes for this year's games.

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Tammy, a rescue from 2004. Never got adopted. Now I'm glad! She's a sweetie!

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Georgia, relaxing on the bed! Loves to cuddle w/ me.

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Here's Georgia reading her Xmas card from . She's so happy to hear from Ersle and Sebastian!

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