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OCDs: pixels, IxD, yoga, climbing, @_davmar. @pssigchi Program Chair. Also poses as @yogageekgirl.

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“I just had a 50 Shades of Grey moment.” “I want to take people not from San Francisco here just for this menu.”

Me: “There's a pirate ship in the Bay!” : “It's a boat.”

Talking colors & calendar w/ . “You're both really messing with the average designer height.”—.

Hey . I see you baby, shaking that stratus.

Please see Exhibits A & B and you'll see it's not "abandoning". It's escape.

Please see Exhibits A & B and you'll see it's not "abandoning". It's escape.

First experience and it's delicious. Thank you and Seattle Underground Market.

OH @ Ignite SF 6: The Armory, if only they had ropes.

Tomorrow, Imma freeload dinner and raise a toast to the guys at Trakstar for their major launch. So inspired by them.

I'm gay for you, approvers of WA R-74! #pike #Seattle

Bartell Drugs, where you can get a fireplace, but not massage oils.

All's well that ends well. Here's a bronze-roofed Space Needle as the sun went down last night.

Just discovered this artist in NOLA. Reminds me of the Ginsberg piece.

Breaking! Rare sighting of something vegan *and* not deep fried in NOLA. cc: #ias12 vegetarians.

"Would you like to fondle the rhinoceros?" #ias12 #icebreaker #uxpickuplines

I find leis helpful.

How does one verify "Authentic Italian Family Recipe"?

On my way for full report. Sneak peak:

My mom just showed me this. Free wife with your room, anyone? Cc: #vietnam #engrish

"According to local weather anchors and popular consensus, here's the current update for Seattle." - #SEAsnow

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