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Software engineer, writer for @adjspecies, datafox for The Furry Poll. Aiming to be a safe, open space to talk gender, sexuality, mental health, and furry :o)

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May I suggest the dog bowl of Col Solivo Prosecco? #contextfree #swishasfuck

Look at this! Micro critters, always wear your seatbelts. Yeesh. Click it or ticket. /cc /via

Pff. As an attachment, then,

Excellent choice, excellent choice.

May I suggest the room-temperature Strawberry Mike’s Hard? Pairs well with bagel chips and low-fat french onion dip

Dog got PBR. It’s like beer-flavored seltzer. Tried adding cassis liqueur to it hoping I could make some sort of bir…

No but really, usually keep it up~

Heck yeah~


Stills from Pon De Floor dot tumblr dot com.

Curious! am I inverting something? ‘o’ is on, correct?


Skirt day? Skirt day.

Rapid prototyping on the plane (ouch, my neck x.x) with nvd3 - 5 years of furry age data:

. Coffee foxes?!

Realized after the fact I’d basically called cat as though it was some Ubuntu ad :oP