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I could probably eat this all in one sitting. #murica

Opened a school laptop to find this.

Strange choice of a header image for this article. (Might be 's fault.)

I like slab serifs, but using it as body text like this is too much.

Oh shit, they cook the food on your table. I'm afraid this restaurant is too classy for me.

Sneak peak of the next iteration of the dotdapple logo. I'm all about those negative spaces and circles.

At a hotel. Everyone knows that hotels do this mostly for financial, non-conservationist reasons, right?

Why would I want to cook time?

Pretty please ?

I really need to catch up on Arrested Development.

Who's correct, The Verge or Techmeme?

Woot! Yet another startup sent me a free shirt... What's the startup about again?

Perhaps this unlabled package is a camera tripod for me. Perhaps...

Furby spotted.

I wish I have Thunderbolt hard drive.

Argument No. 1 against 's support for pre-packaged popcorn: consumer stupidity.

Time to do motion graphi -- oh wait.

With what's going on in Syria, the disparity of the content on my reddit page is going crazy.

My second term is a senioritis-sufferer's dream.

And I have to manage multiple accounts.

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