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i draw comics. i am bad at twitter. ...and i secretly love you.

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"a drawing entitled 'Batman in the 12 items or less lane after two large lattes'"

wow...I REALLY hope you guys want some of these...


"Kernel Corn & Peater the black eyed pea meet the Bacon Dragon" (ink & watercolour)

"le cochon et un petite bicyclette" (tiny watercolour)

Ok, that looks better.

Undo would be nice, but at least it has autosave...

Got a proof of my new book, but I messed up the cover. Since edits were needed I added some more content too. :)

Lots of cool vintage illustration work as part of the SF museum's 'Fashionable Patterns' display here at SFO

I am trapped/delayed in SF airport. Amuse me twitternet! ...And what's with all the fart books?

Hotel is playing Rick Astley's 'Never gonna give you up' - gave I been Rickrolled off the Internet? Breakfast.

"Fat Ninja & the Stealth Ice Cream Rescue"
(quick ink & watercolour : forgive my disregard for perspective)

"sky meets water"

Kernel Corn "Enter the Chowder" (ink & watercolour)

"Skully" watercolour pencils

...and here we have a piece of ginger cheerfully bathing himself in maple syrup. No more questions? Ok, good.

"Fat Ninja vs. the world's largest cupcake"
(ink & watercolour)


"Fat Ninja vs Poutine" (Art Studio)

"Frozen Forest" (Banff)