septentrional. pedant. like: music, times new roman, playing, loving, silence, & anachronisms. dislike: know-it-all's.

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I'm glad someone puts up with all my shit...

These damn letters refuse to cooperate and they are PISSING ME OFF.

Does it make me a horrible person if I want to comment "midnight snack?" to this? #juststop

I think this pretty much sums it up for both of us. But it's too late to go back now...

especially the isosceles ones. But hey, trapezoids can be neat too.

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! In fact, I'm excited enough that I had to warn #husband I might do this when I see him:

Reason #465 why I love my coworkers.

New ink for #husband. #jealous

Oh. My. God. This was sent to me totally out of the blue... Wow. #peasandcarrots

Last resort to prevent anymore dead car batteries. #ICrackMyselfUp

So...this is what #husband had up his sleeve. The most amazing flowers, a bear that's as big as me & chocolates!

Dear god, I am a model older sister.

One of my favorite pictures from last night, and I.

The squirrels are leaving presents on my porch.

Apparently No-Shave-November has started early... Got this in a text this morning and almost died laughing. #BAMF

Last night it was Finish That Song Lyric. Tonight it's Cheesy Pick Up Lines.

I'm glad someone gets it and reminds me when I forget.

This guy playing pool is one of the hottest things ever.

remember this? Mrs. Hellbitch's prodigy...haha! Oh Ontario...

This is the reason why my life is going to be a living hell today.