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ok... enough politics and doom and gloom... KITTEN!!!!

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we've gotta get one of those suits!>Ive got one that will fit you

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Found a pirate ship, complete with canon 4 sting pong for ellismania8/pirate mania 1... Sharks,fighting,fun

Flying in this to st Juan, high wind and no parachute. Nice knowing y'all!

Sunset over catalina!! Man, love California! Tgiving and 65 outside!

Jacuzzi the day away!

Watching the most successful alternative band that ever shuffled disconsolately about the earth, the cure! In Hollywood

To the 5 followers I've lost since UFC started,good riddance!Sorry to those left,enjoying this junk! #ufc139 #wolfpack

Cung Le secret weapon?Ninja toe kick with his crow foot!My money is on cung!Just cos I wanna believe ninjas can't lose

Chilling on da couch with my girl, watching Jurassic park for the first time, right???! I know!

Think that comedy central forgot to blur Jon Stewart's bird! Love honest TV

Watching pacman fight with chuckles

Super agent Ivo !!

Sign of the end of days? Chocolate flavored coconut water! Greatest thing ever!

New venom 2.0 phoenix fly Wingsuit! Scary good jumping! Fun hanging out with the creator of it!

woohoo! Watching TUF after white sharks, yes thats a toughbook on the cage!! BISPINGSMASH!!

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Best thing for 40 hour boat ride?? Lord of the rings extended version on Bly-ray on my new Sony vaio!#nerdattack

haha! This pic is so cool! Made me laugh.

Is this poison oak?? If so we have problems.

After way too much Hollywood candy, I give you the breakfast of champions!