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This is what looks like watching my tv. Lovely.

Can your pants be anymore ripped old man?

Good afternoon Venice :)

Aw <3 my princess haha

Mindy is steady creepin on my pinkberry haha

Aw :') I just found my jewlery from prom

Let's Go Dodgers!! I mean EAGLES!! ;)

Got that yung feather hair wrap & henna. TML #venice

So I'm taking my dog on a walk. But I have to pull her in a wagon cuz she's fat.

Im so confussed O.o lmao

likes to sit on my couch reading the newspaper like shes important

So my lil cuz went to disneyland today&ChrisBrown was in like behind her WTH !!

My dogs are lesbo's I SWEAR !!!

This chick must really like carpi suns 0.o

Mm breakfast :)

Mr. Peter Big: insidesss..........out :/

This is Mr.BIG my lil piggie... When he was still fat. :/

Someone took a pic of me sleeping in class and sent it to me -____- ==>

Ayeee ;) I got that yung Dodger pencil. Thatss wassupp ! Thx dias !!

Space mountian w/ bahah !