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I am a GIRL Border Terrier. I love swimmin, walkin, cuddles, sleepin, mooosic and all ma friends. Mum dus be @scubafee. Play #lexieschain wiv me!

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Ma dinner!

Ma dinner!

  • 1276 days ago via site
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appy christmas! yyyaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnn heehee

Hello pals, sad day tho it is today, here's a little christmas cheer from me to you

I am so appy I got to meet Marley even if I was a bit rude and went lexibal on im xxxxx

Snow snow snow!! hello! is me! lexie ... ow fings?

pals!! i know is early but i am tooo eggsited --- join me by the fire for a xmas sossidge?!!

it is pirate day today? i as bin walkin da plank!!

mmmmmm nuffink like a good lick of the dog I says!

#keepfits an to celebrate i am gonna wear ma old keefits outfit!

yes i WILL have a low-calorie-cheesy-bite mum .. thanks!

cor yeah!!! i got you some more sossiges! ;0 is ok we is married you can say dat!

mum said the "s" word!!!

is true!! we did say goodbye to our bootiful tender! heehee no more rowing across the river for us!

Atlantis in her easy access new mooring tonight ... yay!!!

Fort I'd go zom-dog tonight for howloween! hooooowwwwwllll grr grr heehee

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i'm ready for howloween!!

ere be a small reminder!

#nipclub night nipingtons! #keepfits ello keepfits! i is ere!!! is me! streeeeeeeeeeetch and reeeeeeeeelax!

life's a beach! heehee

caption this ;)