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STUDY: Scientists discover babies seek out what is familiar. Our conclusion? WHITE BABIES ARE RACIST!

CHILCOTT: Reader 'Cicero' has some thoughts on who is responsible for the Iraq war

PERSPECTIVE: Fare dodger unduly credited with heroics.

YOUR COMMENTS: Reader 'Jo' is missing the little things

PAGE INFLATION: Boosting stats by repeating information on multiple pages passed off as new content.

ROYALS: Duchess of Cambridge shoots down pregnancy rumours. Wonder where those rumours came from...

POLL: Sarcasm or not? YOU decide.

SEX ATTACKS: Feminist Liz Jones strikes again

AMANDA PLATELL: "I've known about Westminster sex attacks for years. Wonder why I didn't report it before...?"

FACTS: David Cameron to spend Easter in Lanzarote. Here's some info we found on Wikipedia passed off as an article.

RIP: Peaches Geldof's mysterious death explained; it was all Aleister Crowley's fault...

FEMININISM: Our new obsession - stopping women looking too fat during pregnancy

FEMININISM: Update on *those* pregnancy rumours; they're all bullshit.

POLL RESULTS: Yesterday we asked this question:

And the answer is... Amanda Platell.

RIP PEACHES GELDOF: Aaaaand... the body's cold (bikini pictures).

SLOW NEWS DAY: Pensioners 'shocked face' deemed excessive considering relative importance of news story

RIP PEACHES GELDOF: Reader 'Kathy Allen' cannot wait for comment moderation to express her grief

POLITICS: Cameron unveils new royal response unit to curb immigration

RIP PEACHES GELDOF: Reader 'ovolut' cuts right to the tragic heart of the story

SATIRE: Nope, can't beat this one.