Donta Lamont Wade


Just a good ol boy never meaning no harm #teamblackberry

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I keep one eye open like CBS

We living real ghetto fabulous. Pool on deck. #literally

its ghetto but they having fun

What on Gods green Earth was this person driving? Sure wasn't a Prius was it

Hold up. Is this the radio station in my car? Can't be cause I am listening to my ipod

#YouKnowYouInTheHood when this woman is out here saying "Lab for sell $50 GOOD BACKGROUND" LOL DEAD

I'm normally all black everything but its all cotton candy today

at the mystics game with Summer Camp

Father/Daughter time game. Let's go Mystics

We here game #TSAKS Summer Training Camp

I'm cs game with TSAKS Summer Training Camp

Hahahahaha is Savi afraid for Nemo? #findingNEMO

The secret to the addiction of Chipotle. This isn't rice. ITS CRACK NIGGA. #theyWarmingKane

This is a speed camera. #somethingTheDevilMade

Yes #winning #shorelineseafood 2.0

Hey it looks Ghetto but imma have some good resteam crabs in tMinus 7 mins #winning

A crustacean war zone #shorelineseafood

this is my weekend lol and yours?

How come I can never drop a deuce without these two clowns sitting in this small guest bathroom?