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So this is the Mad Arcade..


Is it a coincidence that Carnation Plaza closes on May Day, a day celebrated by dancing around a maypole? #FantasyFaire

It reminds me of the Rocket Rods queue..

Look at that rust! I thought Lightning McQueen was sponsored by Rust-eze?

Ride my junk!

Luminosity. Cedar Point, Ohio. Lights, lasers, fireworks, DJs, dancers & drummers. June 8.,0,4896829.story

"Rat Trap - The Happiest Gallery on Earth." Looks cool. Can't wait to check it out next month.

Oh, ok.

Cool factoid. The Pan Pacific Auditorium was originally painted brown, as this 1940s photo shows:


San Andreas Shakes - "Delicious to a Fault!" #DCApuns

One of these tweets is not like the other, one of these tweets is not the same..

Slightly off-topic, but.. Really? THIS is the official logo of the London 2012 Olympic Games??

What does this building remind you of?

Note the retractable parade lighting on the roofs, similar to those on Main Street:

! #RedCarTrolley

Mad T Party will sell frozen drinks in "yard-long, squiggly, neon yellow cups." Sounds more and more like Vegas..