'Twas a woman who drove me to drink. I never had the courtesy to thank her. ~ W.C. Fields

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Really? Even the ones that Eskimo kiss for a 3 hour flight? Ha!


Every time Bob Ryan is on it's like watching Ricky Bobby. "What do I do with my hands?"

Last flight of '12, ORD>MIA. Just gonna miss EXP  Let's just hope they don't lose any of these bags again

How many friggin apps does ESPN need?!?!?!

Check your bag at LAS Wednesday morning at 9am and you can bet will deliver it at 1:40am Saturday morning.

How is my bag not on ONE of these flights?! Put it on the red eye!!!

Oh good. MORE cats on #681

Checking out the place in new SFO terminal. Looks good!

Me and are gonna be spending a lot of time together today. Weather better behave itself!

It's already back. At ORD. Pic taken today. RT The McRib is coming back soon

Chicken review will have 2 wait to 12/19. 6 seats forced between sandwich or salmon. No one got salmon.

So, just so you know, this is what happens when you run out of chicken. NO ONE wants salmon on a domestic.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr... #airplanefail

Seems has done away with those crappy yellow bag earphones. Though...these may very well still be crappy.

A glass of the house Merlot at 9:18 am? Good for you sir. I'll stick with my club soda. But I applaud you. #mileagerun

Hey! I didn't get a gift!

Holy crap! This is the closest this thing has ever looked to the menu!

This is what I had for lunch today. How else do you think I keep this Adonis physique?!

This is where I had the steak. I recommend it if only for their rocks pours (it's Knob Creek).