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One of 's quick sketches:

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With post both of us taking part in the #SocMxSEA panel for . Wearing shirt.

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In an alternate universe Bruce Lee is Neo & Peter Sellers is Agent Smith. Peter Sellers = an amazing Agent Smith!

  • 1356 days ago via site
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A graphic showing how much closer Apophis will pass to the Earth than Yu55

  • 1425 days ago via site
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Donald Trump, in an apron, shinning J.R. Ewing's shoes! A great photo by the very interesting Tony D Orio.

  • 1439 days ago via site
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Just a photo of Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp, and a blow-up doll. That is all.

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For Dr. Who fans a surreal image...

  • 1554 days ago via site
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It's like somebody interrupted a mob wedding...

  • 1568 days ago via site
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The fabulous created for 's fundraising for Breast Cancer research.

  • 1574 days ago via site
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MGX has been wanting a new coffee table. This one looks nice and is perfect for unexpected zombies.

  • 1599 days ago via site
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A pic of Jack Nicholson & Stanley Kubrick on the set of The Shinning. You might recognize the elevators.

  • 1603 days ago via site
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Ok cheese lovers. I highly recommend . The one shown is wrapped in grape leaves with pear accents. Amazing. Used 's knife to distribute. Their Gorgonzola, their Oregon Blue, and especially their Caveman are all great cheeses. And they ship. Just saying.

  • 1644 days ago via site
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Signs That You Need a Social Media Detox. You probably need to detox if you *get* this infographic. Funny because it's true.

  • 1649 days ago via site
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Perhaps the Most Awesome Wedding Photo Ever (comic book geeks would appreciate)...

  • 1650 days ago via site
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From the headline in this photo I expect to be arrested any day now for cannibalism. Why punctuation is important.

  • 1654 days ago via site
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A picture that perfectly captures what I think of AT&T buying T-Mobile...

  • 1655 days ago via site
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coffee shop Dude or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino art

  • 1684 days ago via site
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It's amazing what you can do with a Wormhole...

  • 1741 days ago via site
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A closeup of Mystery Girl X's new Monster Socks

  • 1804 days ago via site
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Sightings of 's Famous Flying Penguin at #thinktank10

  • 1808 days ago via site
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