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In This Moment - Little Rock 2012

There was a coupon advertised to be in this box; it was not there. I bought several boxes for it. Not happy.

Yeah, 'bout that app....

This is the full picture that wouldn't fit in Instagram. :)

I think he can tell I'm sad. He's been aggressively snuggly since I got home.

I was wrong. THIS is the hardest part. Bye, sweet girl. <3

...And now the #sky is on #fire. #sunset #Capitol #arwx

Pretty #sunset over the #Capitol #arwx

Wait, what? #saints

Kind of just want to drop their stuff off on the doorstep and go back home.

I hate you, Siri. She didn't understand my question, so I told her to search the web for it. #aaaaahhhhh

I decided to decorate my front window #WhoDat flag. I like it. Maybe I'll leave it up year-round?

Need an expert opinion. Do the lights on the dome of the AR State Capitol something else?

We've been living in Silent Hill all day. #creepy #fog #arwx

Scooter and heels? That's a first. #walmart

Game Day! #GeauxSaints #WhoDat

#PearlJam has Furries onstage. With tambourines. #VoodooFest

Heard you only approved 20 photogs for tonight. If you decide to go for 21... #makemylife #bucketlist

Heard you only approved 10 photogs for tomorrow. If you decide to go for 11... #makemylife

NOT FUNNY!! My brights are on! Remembering every horror movie, ever.