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I don't promote parties, don't have a mixtape, don't blog, no YouTube channel, don't sell Herbalife, not a comedian. I just be tweeting. People still do that?

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One of my friends texted me this picture of , not knowing I know him, and said he wanted to holla...

O_O I never saw this pic.... *drools*

Droopy? Girl the shade is in your avi. Bye RT : Droopy better get it together!!! <

Lil' Mo can search her name and hop in my mentions all she want... THIS SHIT IS RATCHET!!!

... showing you hoes how to shake downe!!!

OMG!!! RT : Coming Soon-- Love & Hip Hop Los Angeles

Can you name these three from L-R?

I really fucking hate man...

OMG, this test is real. It predicts your favorite movie. Take the test and retweet.

Me and my baby.... He's so great...

Ayo fuck niggas!!! I just got my acceptance letter into Grad School!!!

I'm glad is as butch as they come...

Me bored working the overnight shift...

Awww.... and his first love.

I got VH1 and freeze pops.

RT : Day 26 Officially Announces Breakup http://t.co/OBpG2Kn1 <

Poor ...