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An eccentric dinosaur-obsessed insane insomniac plagued by stigmas. Lover, hugger, sister, writer, actor, dinosaur, Pokémon-trainer. Follow at your own risk.

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Me, when I realise that my cookie jar is empty.

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This is my #friendcode. Give me yours and I'll add you as a friend!

11 Nov - I won't disturb you
Two days later - SPAAAAAAM
*rips hair out*

11 Nov - I won't disturb you
Two days later - SPAAAAAAM
*rips hair out*

Any #horny girls around? (; There's an ad in the female toilet.

#BlanketFact he has claimed my beanbag as his own.

#BlanketFact He is my personal shredder.

Wait - so Section 377A still stands? What the fuck. #gaypride #gayrights #LGBT #singapore

The sign above the toilet bowl at KTP.... Yeah guys need to learn to aim.


I want to do this too. Spend my day slapping people and charging them a thousand bucks.

First (sort of) Malay song in my chord book! :D

Topped the BG charts! :p It was a terrible round in general, but still.... :p

"Formulated to hydrate vaginal walls and create tightening effect…"

Was searching for "man thinks he's Jesus". Google suggested "man thinks he is orange juice". #google #wtf #9gag

But THIS bitch can pull it off (; RT : If she makes a duck face in all her profile pictures, don't give her the D.

I kicked the pile under the table. Then I apologised to it.