From the Big Apple to the Peach State and everything in between. I am living the life before my death. I do follow back if you're real.

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Uh oh! A/C has decided to stop working. Power on the contingency plan!

Don't Hassel the Hoff! Uh...OK.

I've got your back, you get my armpits.

This much ice cream, one would think the misses is preggers. She's not. It's on sale. #noreally

But tomorrow may rain so I'll follow the sun... #thebeatles

ooh, I've seen them at my place too! It's just a shell of its former self.

Am I revealing too much of myself as I say goodnight? Either way, it's lights out on the east coast. G'nite!

Soon this will be over... #familyfunnight

Guess this means there's no more coffee for me. I see someone's got a can of Red Bull in the other room. #lurk

63 matches played, all so that the 64th has the greatest importance. Go #ESP! Get what's eluded you for decades!

I was expecting t-storms all day today. What a pleasant surprise - things are postponed until later! #thanksGod

Edgar wants to be my FB friend. Uh, thanks, I'll pass this time.

One of many signs spotted around... #mg2

No complaints about 3G in my neck of the woods. #speedtest.net #iPhone

Really, Ladies?! I look like this in the morning and my misses says I'm ghastly. I tend to agree.


Fastweet app for iPhone - #fail How am I supposed to set up my account to test it? Am I missing something?

Just experienced my first iAd. Interesting. Unobtrusive. Back to tweeting. Here's a screenie... #peacebomb

Anyone here a bug expert? Looks like an empty shell of an insect. Anyone?

Nice day to be out and be one with nature. Hope you're having a great day!