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Come with me and let's go play ;)

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Valium on a disc.

When daddy gets me shoes in my fave colour #turquoise!! ♥ u daddy.

#Bahamian meal. This looks soooo yummy !!!

Ok ok ok *shakes head* I've never meant this the way I mean it today» #TGIF.!!!!

The shoes I wear don't allow me to chase after boys :)

♥ I'll be your hitman... HitChick. No fee, no cost.

Playing with bullets. Inscription: nny-76 7.65

would this love is eternal face get me to sell thousands of engagement rings ????

Beautifully put. I love vulnerability and honesty in words and actions.

Maria Asante and Isabella. <3

Ok, now I'm jealous. Their tooo cute together though!

Speaks for itself #love

If football didn't exist. #dead dead dead. Plus Suarez the diver.

The girl is blind, he was 10 when this was happening. Me when I was 10 I jus knew PPG

This still cracks me the F up! #dead on a stretcher!

#Contolola is almost out!! Can't wait to shake a lil sumin sumin #TeamZonefam #TeamZambia

Hahahahahahaha, I was a spash kid aswell!

I love this boy soooooo much, and how he says "1" and I dunno what it means :-s

Proof that wisdom doesn't come with age, rather, experience. Taking this advice #Tupac