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Raising up my big brother. Smh.

When Nera and Joseph get back together ♥

Today was a fairy tale. You are simply amazing. #oomf

Today was a fairy tale. Simply amazing. #oomf

Hahahaha, this is 2 times funnier if you've watched Taken

Its funny how we fall right back into our old routine...

Zmbn artist throws shirt on stage instead of crowd. Mum: Y?Dad: Nge mwai mbila mwai wana kuli #dead

This chick was jerking in those heels. #skill

Exam class ku no-phones-allowed-boarding-sch mufana achita upload ma pictures.Ati "sexy n I knw it"

This is the funniest thing I've seen all summer. #dead and cremated. #insomnia

This is the coolest app ever! Month made. I'm never leaving the house again ( '_' )

I don't miss our relationship, I miss our friendship.

Stephy and Mo ♥ #divas

Let's have a toast for the #douchebags

Mi manchi - I miss you.

Tellem #RayJ !!!!! They'd be nowhere without your D! #kardashian

Bestest midnight snack ever! Best hungarian I've had in years. Heaven in my mouth.

Honesty is sooo effin attractive ♥

. Its going down !!

Tjooooh! Hmmmm, scared of the future now.