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These are all on sale for good reason. i.e. Don't buy! :)

I'm really loving these pre-cooked, pre-peeled, pre-packaged hard boiled eggs for those busy (or lazy!) days :)

Post-shopping protein :)

Another mother-daughter finish! Thankful to do this together. #10K

Simple dinner tonight. Protein, fat & carbs. Always.

#MondayMotivation The true goal is being healthy. Weight loss is a wonderful side effect! (image courtesy of )

Chicken nuggets for breakfast????

With sides of extra healthy fat & carbs. Protein (eggs) fat (coconut oil & avocado) carbs (carrots.) #Balanced breakky.

Monday morning is in need of some quality protein for increased focusand& brain power (as is every morning!) #brainfood

It's Monday. #eggonfloor

funny you say that because I totally braided my hair TODAY!!

Got this texted from a friend who honestly thought it was me... Hmmm

I love cracking open the occasional can and feeling like a rebel...yet, it's actually a healthy alternative to pop!

One day we will view ads like this the same way we view the old smoking ads. Or maybe u already do? #whatwerewethinking

Please look at the second ingredient in this, the number of grams and tell me WHY this is thought of as "healthy."

Final product (with some chia seeds sprinkled on top.) Breakfast omelet. Boom.

Switchin' up my eggs today. Carrots, tomatoes and a pinch of mozzarella cheese. Whaddya think? :) #breakfast

Just healing my gut, like I do every morning :)

OMG! Check out my lunch reading material!!!

Carrots in my soup, carrots with hummus....apparently carrots are my carbohydrate of choice for lunch today!