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Dinner: Shrimp, Greens, Egg Bake :) #balance

A little afternoon New Years snack :)

Post workout snack: Carbs (sweet potato,) protein (tuna) & fat (butter and mayonnaise.) #balance #refuel

My brother's response to my excitement over Paleo cinnamon bread(he gave me pure maple syrup 4 Christmas)

Same old deliciousness as always. #healthyhabits #egglove

Simple money saving solution to expensive "diabetic" meal replacement shakes (like the one pictured)? ---> Real Food.

Of all magazines, "Diabetes Forecast" lists THESE as "healthy" snacks! Who are you kidding?! #carbBOMBS

A couple of my faves! :)

A couple of my faves! :)

Don't waste your money. Control your blood sugar levels naturally and lose weight with nutrient dense veggies & fruits.

Afternoon snack. Never get sick of 'em. And such a perfect balance or quality protein, healthy & healthy fat. #lowcarb

#MondayMotivation There's no right or wrong place to begin. No comparing or judging. Just start where you are today.

Breakfast. (Cuz breakfast doesn't need to be "breakfast food") Simple: Protein, Healthy Fat, Nutrient-Dense Carbs.

Remember the WHY... #MondayMotivation

Easy Monday morning Egg Bake. A tad overdone.

The problem is pictured here. The solution is on the left: Real eggs. Real food.

Breakfast. #egglove #balance

How...?! I seriously got this email after that last tweet— ( No thank you, , no thank you.

Food Marketing Translations. (couldn't be any more true...!) Thanks for sharing this with me, !

Bedtime snack with #realfood. A healthy fat + carbohydrate. A little more fat than usual, but I'm hungry :) #lowcarb