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Where I stand re: Coca-Cola, ARAMARK and dark chocolate :) #incaseyouwerewondering

This one frustrates me b/c Coca-Cola can fall into any of these. I’m concerned about TRUTH. Where’s my write-in option?

Images of Truvia fill Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics magazine pages. They’ve been fooled as well, or just don’t care.

Do you see any stevia in the ingredient list? Didn’t think so. Less than a half percent is stevia based #truviarevealed

To be honest, Truvia sickens me. There is nothing honest about it! Deceptive marketing at its “finest” (rottenness.)

DONE!!!!! “: SIGN THE PETITION: Coca-Cola: Stop Promoting Coke as 'Wholesome':

weird. mines not connecting either! Hmm….we do have time. Let's keep trying.

This answer on a client’s nutrition questionnaire made me smile :) it’s true!

LIES. LIES. LIES. Truth: Grains are NOT a macronutrient, therefore you don't *need* them! Get your carbs from veggies!

To be honest, , I’d actually rather eat mine whole. #realfood

Balanced meal (quality protein, healthy fat & veg carbs) before all of my evening clients (no filter needed): #realfood

“If coke really wanted to help obesity…” via

Doin it! “ Mid-day fitness challenge. 1 minute of pushups. How many can u do? It's okay to drop to knees”

Lunch (after forgetting mine at home.) Fat (cheese, sunflower seeds, olives) Protein (cottage cheese,egg) Carbs (f + v)

Nothing “honest” about this. This whole advertisement is deceitful. Here’s the #truth: #truvia

#MondayMotivation Start off your week and the New Year right with some #Discipline!

Then he recommends VitaminD3 supplementation of “400IU or higher per day”— what constitutes as “too much”, ?

FRUSTRATING to see this in ’s New York Times best seller—The # of people allergic to eggs is VERY slim (<5%)

Time for a bedtime snack, anyone? :) #fat #carbs

My favorite lazy, portable protein option :)