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#MondayMotivation Progress > Perfection

Iiiiiiiiiiit's Monday! A new week. A fresh start! Pick yourself up and carry on...(see pic) #MondayMotivation

Never too late.

this was mine...

(clip from email I received this morning)—Always nice to hear a few kind words! Happy Friday! :)

Could you eat this balanced meal for breakfast? #qualityprotein #healthyfat #goodcarbs

I love food too much for this, but I still love this! #winelove

w/positive or negative connotation? I could use one like this but I like to have the nutrition/fitness look

Sometimes, I just love the bona fide honesty of my clients! It makes my day.

Confession: Breakfast happened way too late this morning. The cool thing? I got all of this for $2.29. #ilovemylife

Took a page from ’s book & made a “Banana Pancake” –Two eggs & one mashed banana. Fried in coconut oil! #YUM

A few of you asked how to eat plain, unsweetened yogurt? Use stevia-based, whole foods powder,Dynamic Greens to sweeten

#MondayMotivation Don’t compare! (See pic)

This one is a huge no-no! Here’s why: Skip the Splenda (and all other chemical sweeteners)

My simple little request of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ corporate sponsorship program: #realfood.

“Very much detracted” is also an understatement.

“Very unfavorable” is an absolute understatement.

I think you all know THIS by now, but just in case you don’t…