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You know it’s a good day when:

#PFC works! :)

My intern eats #PFC #realfood too! P: Chicken, F: full fat Greek yogurt + cream cheese, C: greens + carbs in yogurt.

RT : what are balanced snacks?—#PFC Protein (egg), fat (cheese) & carb (veggies/fruit)!


do you drink any alcohol?”—Sure do! Usually vodka/tequila, soda water, fresh lime (pictured)

well shoot!


Nurse I’m working with today just showed me her #PFC snack of champions! #balance

My favorite (quick!) breakfast: Egg Bake! Recipe:

I thought this would make you smile. Go to my Instagram profile and click on “following” ;)

Happy National EGG Day!!! How's everyone eating their eggs this morn? Scrambled? Over easy? Poached? Boiled? #egglove

SO much #healthyfat in one bowl! Egg yolks + avocado mash. Stay tuned for final pics of the appetizer I'm making!

"The bad girl of nutrition?" Compliment accepted :P

Reasons why I love what I do!

the picture in the middle is the full fat Greek Gods one that I buy!

(sorry I hard,y follow anyone on twitter,) look at the pic...??

Case in point. ("All Natural" means absolutely nothing.) (aka these are NOT healthy.) #FakeFood

#MondayMotivation Nutrition is more…

:) agreed :)