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Thanks dude and Merry Christmas

My wife made this for me at work today. Noah asked what I'm going to do with it? CARRY IT WITH ME ALWAYS

built to last

bloodied the time travelling ghost #gamma world beholder reverted to baby form, floating up into pipes in ceiling

#gamma world salvaged freeze ray, unique card

overpower fail, explosive pods explode on own allies. Yay!

boss battle. #gamma world FTW. My kids like it better than dnd because its rad AND HILARIOUS

It's noisy in this #gamma world room

these are the #gamma world good guys???

#gamma world

Jasper is using the periodic table to name his octopoid android. As a squidlet had accident mid-laser eye surgery

Doppleganger MUTANT its the same GUY!!

Dark radiation human dude

Spitfire, sentient potbelly stove

Custom weapon card, with chips on it

Count your limbs and check your ammo, #gamma world in 30 minutes!

ickee stikeez #gamma world minis, including a baby beholder!

pilot licences REVOKED

#wings of war and #plasticpoo, together at last

unwinding after their best gamma world game to date!