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worshipper. @machroi's husband. @EVG945's dad. @bluetreeband lackey. @POTSC coach. Aussie. owner of freaky thumbs.

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Tiny wee FTP transfer then.....

Trying to take a panograph from a boat on Strangford Lough #massivefail. Just like the size of the catch so far lol

This seems so long ago....

Why twitter is great

Love this ()

Almost back to the centre of the universe…with the new addition to our family. Say hi to twitter, Caoimhe

It's warm in Anglesey

it is! I don't wanna go down, but I guess I should - right ? Here's the view the other way :)

Resisting the urge to just keep walking this ridge - I could end up at Snowdon if I keep going 20+ miles that way…

it's so beautiful ! ()

pointing at your house (kinda - lol). With the right footwear, that is easy - & what an evening!!

Sunset pano from part way up Conwy Mountain. Will try this again with my boots - lol

We were barely 20 minutes into the journey before 's preferred cure for boredom started… #fb

"It's my birthday & I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, CRY if I want to…you would cry too if it happened to you!"

Well the house was tidy again...

the local Aetna office is in Cork right? So close, but not - lol

& hugs (or raspberries) back from !


Looks like the sun is trying to come out in time for the Ballyhack Summer Fair. Shall we check it out ?

The queue for ice cream at The Rinkha...